Read about the Culture Courses

The OpenGlobe Culture courses are designed to enhance young people’s awareness of world cultures, and to supplement language learning, world history, and social studies curricula.  The courses currently offered give an overview of the cultures of China, Japan, France, Germany, Latin America, and the U.S.  Geared for elementary school students, each course contains the following modules:

  1. Geography
  2. Language
  3. Folklore
  4. Beliefs
  5. Holidays
  6. Music
  7. Sports
  8. Food
  9. Famous People
  10. Famous Things
How the modules work

  • At the beginning of each Culture course, students meet their local ‘guides,’ then explore the material in the modules through brief presentations, drag-n-drop exercises, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and open text activities.
  • Usage of the modules can be tracked, and they can be used in class or assigned as homework. A Teacher’s Guide with suggested activities is included with each culture course.
  • Badges are awarded for completing modules, and a Certificate can be printed when students complete a culture course.
  • With several hours of content for each culture in the modules and the activities from the Teacher's Guides, this material is the perfect supplement for language learning. It is also a complement to lessons on world history and global cultures.